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Do you notice me? Although you talk to me, I doubt you think of me outside the boundaries of verbal interraction. I’m just another person who helps you move along your journey. I don’t know what you want me to say. I don’t know what you want me to do.... But I just want you to notice me. And care about me.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

church picnic :)

hmm today was an eventfull day!

in the morning mum drove me to alicia's house to meet with her for a church picnic/BBQ. so i went. and then saw victor zhang in alicia's car.. LOL. he got hes ID back so it's good :)

andddd we went to the church in wattlesea?! to meet with everyone else. then drove all the way to glenny-Jeffs park. or something it's called. it was raining FML. the original plan was to go beach but yeah the weather wasn;t that good obviously. i ate one uncooked sausage today ew ew ew D: and it was rained on too D: D: D: but when we got to the park it was sunny and HOT :) and we played cricket and freesbie. then it graduately got rainier, and rainier. =[

saw luke, victor loh, eunice wong, and other churchies AND EMERALDDD :)

we decided to pack it up early cos it waas raining baaaaaaaaad. so alicia, me, luke, victor loh, got a lift and decided to go GLEN CENTRO :D

hehe we went into SUPRE. it was ON SALE!!!!! first thing i brought was; SHORTS, TSHIRT, and BELT :) that adds up to $45.99 (ESTIMATED)eeeeek.

spent so much felt guilty BUT IT WAS ON SALE!! there was even a $4 RACKKKK.
the shorts was; $25. and the t-shit was $15 and belt eas $10. sorry i know my math is crap if it doesn't add up.

victor was craving for DDR djsdklfjsdlkj:LDKFj;slkfjsdf.
went all the way there and it wasn't working LOL FML.
okay sooo. then we decided to go HAPPY CUP! it was yum. i was seriously broke by then. not even a dollar on me.

it was still raining bad. then aswell.
took some pictures at pancake parlour mirros. so funny LOL. on alicia's camera :)

hmmm luke, and victor caught the train to boxhill! the lady on the train when she announces every stop voice changed voices. LOL me and victor wasn't used to it. and gotten abit annoyed cos the new lady's voice sounded angry ARGH.
then ate at maccas near the bus stop to boxhill. caught bus to boxhill. and payed DDR at timeout LOL. victor u made us travel all that way for DDR LOL.
and after we played. victor loh broke the DDR machine at boxhill. AHAHAHAHHAHA.
it died after we played. and we just made a run for it LOL.

then tramed home with luke :)
oh and something happend. i was on the tram yeh it was fully raining. so i decided to pray to god to stop it from raining in my head. for my sake and everyone elses sake ofcorse... and when i steped out of the tram it stopped!

victor zhang; if you ever come to across my blog to read; for once i think your right, about him being shallow.

i know too many victor's.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

mixed emotions.

today i went city again couldn't go with cousins cos eric asked me to spend the day with him since he ditched me yesterday.

sooooo 1pm we met at MC with other BHSers yr11 and andrew same yr level as me =] yeah i hanged out with yr 11s/12 today. we went to eat lunch at upper food court. met up with yvonne wifey :) she acompany with me today cos yee. and the whole group was mando/canto speaking group haha. so i kinda felt left out when they spoke mando :(.

ate sushi for lunch then the girls of the group decided to go BEACH on a 23 degree's daY! and it was RAINING!!!! so me eric, andrew, jeffery x2, some other guys and yvonne decided to go VA city to play poool. WE GOT FREE DRINKS THERE :) cos someone from our group new the people who works there. hehe. eric kepted on bullying me =[. kepted on poking me with the pool stick. =___=.

they played heaps of jay chou songs there xD.
halfway i wanted to go KBOX. so we went LOL. eric sang the most they sang like canto/mando songs. i sang dai gohh :) and other english songs. love story by taylor swift is a must in karaoke places xD
we sang 3-5 :) and got 2 rounds of drink for each people too. drank so much today =[
then we all left. others went to MC while i walked eric to he's bus stop since it's close to my tram stop. and e suddenly turned into state libaryy.... LOL. and i was like wtf are u ditching me again >____> then he came out and said i needed to go toilet LOL.
oh yea this morning there was a gay parade outside state libary. so many people was there protesting too.
at the end i gave eric a hug and left :)
for the beach, even though it was bad weather D<

Friday, November 27, 2009


OKAY so haven't updated lately ONLY cos i've been out basicly everyday this week! D:
SO. YESTERDAY THURSDAY. went to my cousin's emily quan's house. for dinner. cos it's been a yr .welll...i dont really wanna say/ cos it' bring back memories and tears. something that made our entire family sad. and we just decided to have a family gathering and yeh :S
don't really wanna talk about that now >_>; but there was heaps of yummy foood xDD.
and after dinner we went to get icecream :) the only bad thing was it was a 2 HRS DRIVEE!!! :@ my cousin lives alll the way in millpark so yeah =S
stayed at their house till 10pm??? then went back :) sigh.... *depressed*

eric last night decided to INVITE me to go PARTY WORLD with him so i said yes LOL. and yeh he said meet at mc at 1pm so i went. with fei. and waited. and waited..... aAN HOURRR. and then he said on facebook he couldn't go cos he was SICKKK T___T. wasted one hour of my life jsut sitting there. eric lu u owe me! :(
so then obie came ;) for fei ;) and then we went lunch at this japenese resturaunt near bourke st. I WAS SUCH A THIRD WHEEL D: BUT it was yum :) then RAN CAUGHT the tram to crown and watched, the times traverlers wife. :) it was GOOOD. and today was also presentation night/ aka speech night. TOO. so i saw a few BHSers in the city! like dannielle POKING BUDDY. DARREN BROTHER xD. and correy :) then brendan was at crown too! cos they finished rehearsing for presentation night xD. they went to watch 2012 at crown tho. saw keean, TK, viki, fei, obie, and these other people i don't remember. the movie was good. didn't really get it. keean durring the movie your fone kepted on flashing it was annoying. annoying for me since i sat next to u D< and idk if i should say this but i saw fei and obbie did something....naughty in the movies ;) ;) cos i sat next to fei. and keean. xDD.
we took up one whole row LOL. after the movie, keean rushed to boxhill, and some of the other people left to. so it was just me fei obie and viki ;D and yea we came late and missed the begining of the movie so didn't really make sense =S.
AFTER MOVIE. we went shopping :D.
cos viki wore high heels and couldn't walk in them. went EVERYWHERE. thank god they had chairs in most of the stores otherwise i would have fainted cos we walked for ages. after like 3 hrs, D: we met up with mark, scotch guy and someother girl. for awhile. then then walked to MC for more shopping andddd... bumped into VINCENTS! vincent chiang and vincent leunge? i forgot he's last name already >_>;
and met tungy at mc for dinner.
at dinner it was just me fei, viki, tungy, and obie. WE ATE KOREAN BBQ ;D. there goes another $30 for each person. we ate so much. yuummm.
the weather today was hot and humid. and i was pissed most of the way. cos eric made me wait. and he didn't even come.
tomorrow- spending time with my cousins :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today. Tuesday. I watched NEW MOON :)
at melbourne central. watched it with, jacki, michelle mui, juliaa& issabel :D
it was actually good xD but the ending i don't like. Edward's like to Bella; 'will you marry me? " *shows scene to bella* THEN CREDITS!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOO. leave us in suspense!!! but i think Bella would say yes anyway xD before that we all went to the asian store downstairs at MC and brought junkfood:D to bring into the cinemas. was fun hehe. we also took pics.

yayayay. after that we went shopping for clothess. spent 1 point 5 HOURS IN 7 ANGLES LOOKING FOR THIS DRESS FOR MICHELLE!!! T___T.
at the end she didn't find it and was raging in canto to me >< i didn't do anything wrongg aaah. then went photoworld. hehe. andd ate KFC for lunch :D
then went home around 6ish. the tram came straight away so that's good :)
tomorrow; i am going to school to sell books to my friends. bum around then go to alicia's house to watch movies and eat junk :)) wooo.
and i saw zhong aw at MC today :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

slarkins' 18th A POST DEDICATED TO STEPH! :D

ANYWAYS today i went to city and had NANDo'S with the one and only ALICIA LAU :D
(cos we were both craving bad. and then went back to her place and took pictures and just hanged around. so many 18ths party was on last nite. i went to the right one ^^
pictures belooww;

hehe. last nite it was slarkin's 18th bday partyyyyyyyy.
it was AWESOMEEE. so many people at her house :D
and the theme was black and white ofcorse xD
i wore a white dress with a black bellts. EVERYONE WAS THEREEEEEE. even Ollie !
kepted him company the whole nite
everyone was high wwith loud music and people crazily dancing and high people. with ALCOHOL! :S
a night to remember indeed :P
hmm i dont know if many people reads my blog or not but i should express my feelings here.
in the couple of weeks; i've been thinking that i wanna know GOD more. and i want to start a FRESH life, with no bad sins etc. and i wanna take that step. so i think i've decided to get baptised! :S it's not really official yet though. it's just a thought in mind.
after all god is awesome :D
and one more thing.
what shall i do if just say some feelings are coming back to the person you used to like? but you know he wont even care about that issue to you. all i want is for him to notice me. and care about me. i got a hugg from him last nite =]

hawtttt x

Friday, November 20, 2009


soo today with 34 degrreee's i went out to the city :)
met up with obie, fei, & chris and went to STRIKE AT QV :)
played for a while and hour or two? it was fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! :D
2pm went to crown, brought movie tickets, booked ddinner places at SANTE crown :) && at green tea icecream :D we all shared this big tubb. mmmmm. hehe it was fun sharing. but then obie kepted on breaking the barrier of the icecream wall D<><>.>

the growing love between fei & OBIEE ;) galactic circus crown :D
ya the movie was good i'd wanna see it again. my next movies that i wanna watch in line is
2- Paranormal activity :)
hehe i need money first. gonna be so broke. today was a good day :) but i didnt feel reaaly good cos i was sunburnt from the other day at the beach :(
and it kepted on itching. that's even worseee ahhhh T___T
OH YEAAA! before the movie we went to GALATIC CIRCUS to play abit xDDD
chewy brought hes camera so we took a few pics. not many tho looololol..
hmmm yeaaa. i got stephs present for tomorro saturday night :)) but havent gotten card yet....need to talk to OJ for that ><><
give tomorrow. aat slarkins partyyyyyyy.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


hello, so today me yvonne- awesome friend :D, & sunny went to the beach =]
first 11am, i met up with vonnz and we brought new bikni's and i went resume handing :D i handed around 10 shops in the city. i'm scared that what will happen if 3 of more shops calls back at once, what do i do then? :S

ANYWAYS the bikini i brought was around $26 :D it was on sale to orginal price was $35. :))))
bumped into charles, in the city i knew they were going to go beaching though hehehe. didnt know it was the same beach as me :D:D:D

so then we met up with sunny. and we went to KFC for lunchhh before we go beach.
caught tram to beach, saw danny, charles, nick, ben, etc idk the other peoples names and then we sat with them, they brought a ball xDDD rofl. but i didnt play just tanned. i got sunburnt D:
and played in the water.


hehe stayed there untill 4? then ate at a place near the beach cos everyone was hungry. and trammed back to mc :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

borring days.

Hmmm last few days haven't done much. abit lazy i say.
sunday, stayed home and rested for the 2 epic days outing before it.
watched drams. watched gossip girl. downloaded most of it and now sorta up to date :)
beginging to watch big bang theory too. watched it last nite on TV, channel 99? i think it's a new channel hehe. there was a double episode and i was bored. so decided to watch. sorry charles i wasn't replying on msn xD hehee.
GOODLUCK CHARLES, JAMES, DANNY, PENNIE, DOM, VINCENT NYGUEN, and thats all i can think of right now =/
ah right now i'm scared to leave my fone. what if someone calls me and say i've been accpeted in the work!? :D yehh thats why i'm bringing it eveywhere mostly with me hehe.

dammit cotton on can't u call me already, T____T.
i keep checking my position daily. cos u can check online if u got accepted or not.
and it keeps saying,

Welcome back Jennifer Quan
View Status | Search Openings | Edit Application | Logout

View Status
Your status: Available

Positions you have applied to:
Position Title Location Status Action
You are not currently being considered for any openings.

Last updated: 11/15/09 11:02 PM
Application submitted: 11/11/09 9:05 PM

AHHHH whyyy T____T
i guess i have to be pacient, and trust in god that he will provide it for me :)
i also applied for dutchess on swanston st. in the city too. :D
i'm scared what if 4 or 5 people call me and say they want me at once, how shalll i say no politely? =[

my bro's going to Europe for 2 months with his friends. there going backpacking!
he's leaving in a few weeks after hes UNI exams.
don't think i'm doing anything this week.
but my aim for this week is to GET FITT! i gained weight durring VCE D=
i kepted on eating durring study sessions. and no one was there to stop me! so every day this week seeing as i have nothing to do, i want to go to the park closest to me and then run for like around 5-10 laps. or even ppower walk. but today i am lazy. D:
i'll try tomorrow.
BTW people if u wanna BUY books of me unit 3/4 books are avaliable if u want, and BHS uniform, details are on facebook note.

i'm obsessed with TAEYANGS new song atm =D
the MV is so sad =[

i need somehting to do.
so bored.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

wedding dress.

the MV is so sad =[
especially when he drops the ring at the end of the MV :(

okayss recap of my holidays so far? [=

FRIDAY- after Business exam, it was okayish didn't really like the case study that they gave us.
i went to alicia's house, to change and then her parents drove us to SHOPPO :D
we ate nando's chips and drank bubble cup. the new store is out at shoppo =]
shopped around for 4 hours. Alicia and I decided to DYE our hair purple ^_^. so we brought the purple dye at priceline (cos it's cheap there) and then walked around abit more, saw sav, and adelain. Lucy harris, and annie lou :))
we left at 4, saw victor zhang at shoppo bus stop. so we waited there with him since we had half an hour till bus comes.
then went back to Alicia's house. Dyed our hair, we didnt have much time cos we both had to go to youth at 6. so we quickly bleache dour hair. when we took it off. IT TURNED OUT BLONDE!!?! FAAAILL!!!! it was ment to be purple! T_T
then people came to Alicia's house. And we went to youth :))
this is the new youth, i decided to go. EPic youth is too big. and can't really concentrate with so many people yeah =/
haha this youth is calleed reverb :)
cool people to. it's actually emeralds youth =D the people is nice and we got free food on the night xDDDD heaps of balwyn people ^^ hehe.
played games, youth phaster gave a message about "temptation" eg; when u hear a gossip it's not getting tempted, it's when u spread the gossip u get tempted"
so it's best if u pray to god and then he will answer all your questions and look out for u !
then after we finsiehd the praise and worship, we played more games and ate junk food =D
around 11ish me, alicia, victor lou?, luke. got dropped of at balwyn maccas :) late nite maccas run ftw LOL :D
stayed there till like 12? haha got carried away talking xDD
then saw a few more BHS people at maccas. from my yr level =D ( seno, dion etc)
alicia's dad came to maccas and i got droped of home =].
EPIC NIGHT! :) i think i'll go to this youth more then EPic youth now.

10.30am TRAMMED to boxhill and met up with andrrew, daniel, godfrey, howard, alex, jackie, sam, michelle, auriella, & ceci. played pooool, ate lunch at new shoppo, around 2ish WE WENT ICECKATING :D it was funnn. i fell down like 2 times? haha thanks andrew for helping mee. i improved more :)
after that around 4ish we went back to boxhill ate at indochine and went home :DD epic day aswell :)aand it was 35 degreesss. woot.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

SUMMER holiday ^_^

credits to liz's blog.

anways, i didn't do much today.
just stayed home and studied for BUSINESS management EXAM tomorrow D:
*really nervous*
anwyas something really random happend on msn me and my friends convo

no way
5:41:49 PM
- chung '
i can remember that
5:42:13 PM
- chung '
its when organisation give back to the community , through donations and reducing their waste
5:42:28 PM
- chung '
yeh thats kinda what i s aid
5:42:43 PM
- chung '
whts ethical values
5:43:15 PM
- chung '
hmm idkk
5:43:24 PM
- chung '
i jsut got the definiton of the book
5:43:44 PM
- chung '
5:43:45 PM
- chung '
5:43:47 PM
- chung '
go study more
5:43:53 PM
- chung '
hey ur friend is hot <<<<<<<<<
5:43:55 PM
- chung '
5:44:10 PM
- chung '
LOL really?
5:44:26 PM
- chung '
it was muck up dayy
5:45:03 PM
- chung '
5:45:07 PM
- chung '
yeh looks like ti
5:45:15 PM
- chung '
should intro LOLL
5:45:24 PM
- chung '
5:45:28 PM
- chung '
u want her facebook?
5:46:00 PM
- chung '
yeh let me see her fb
5:46:01 PM
- chung '
5:46:21 PM
- chung '
5:46:22 PM
- chung '
5:46:56 PM
- chung '
sh'es in the middle
5:48:07 PM
- chung '
5:48:08 PM
- chung '
5:48:25 PM
- chung '
5:48:28 PM
- chung '
how come
5:48:56 PM
- chung '
5:49:01 PM
- chung '
she looks alright in ur dp
5:49:04 PM
- chung '
i add her anywya
5:49:18 PM
- chung '
5:49:23 PM
- chung '
are u gonna say im your friend
5:49:58 PM
- chung '
5:50:00 PM
- chung '
5:54:09 PM
- chung '
u better LOL
5:54:12 PM
- chung '
sorry was away
5:54:15 PM
- chung '
yerrrrr i'm spechless LOLOL
we were studying for the exam tomorrow and he jsut said it >_______>
CHUNG my friend is going to think less of me now. T___T
ANYWAYS yeh! i applied for cotton on part time job =]] i subbmitted my aplication online =] hopefully i get in. i need moneys. need to start saving up. well both of my friends applied for it and they got in, so why can't i get in right?

i'm excited about tomorrow when my exam is over
gonna spend the day with my sexy friend ALICIAA <3
after her 1/2 methods exams tomorrow. we are going city and do whatever we like :DDD
then saturday i got iceksating with BHS people :)
then sundayyy..maybe beach. depeneds if i feel like it.
monday nothing
waht am i going to do for 3 whole months if i don't get a job. I NEED MONEYSSSS and something to do.

1) exercise loose wieght. so fat right now.
2) up to date with songs.
3) go out with friends.
4) find myself a really hot guy <--- LOLOL.
5) beach
6) might go SYDNEY or QLD. my bro is going to europe with he's friends end of this month for 2 months *jealous*
7) study abit for uni
8) GO LEARN HOW TO DRIVE. have to book it this holidays. *HAVE TO*
9) go to as many parties as possible.
10) sleep overs ;D

the list goes on....
i'll like update my summer holiday break schedule here another day when i know it's actually packed.
hm the sad thing about VCE is being over is i guess you wont be seeing some of your high school friends untill along time maybe =[
but i guess i have one thing to look forward to the REUNION!!!!!!! :) 50 years later... i wonder what i'll be doing then.
or even if i'll still be alive.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009



Atthe moment, I think I'll be more likely to get the Gucci Envy Me since for only $49 you get the perfume AND handcream. Yay. New handcream and perfume. I hate the lavender smell of my Jurlique one. Ewness. But the DKNY one seems so cute haha.

i feel like some max brennars atm nomnomnomnomn *craving badly*

<3 style="margin: 0pt 10px 10px 0pt; float: left; cursor: pointer; width: 320px; height: 240px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5402626310402827714" border="0">

me and auriella at GRADUATION~~

love this song :D

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


AHH it's so hot today D:
i thunk it's hotter then yesterday :S:S
ANYWAYS. i was really pissed yesterday, cos i found oout some freinds aren't really being my friends. they were just acting this whole time. but i'm not sure if thats real cos idk if the girl told me that is a lie or not but why would she be telling lies to me>.> but i don't care now cos high school is ending i'm glad i wont see those people again.

hmmmm today i went to state at 11am soo coool there :D
*aircon* hehe
thennn walked around the city handing my resume. but only handed in one place in city DUTCHESS on swantson st. :D
went to vic gardens,, seeing it was on the tram already and went to hand my resume out there :D
handed it at, muffin break, strandbags, giordano, subway, maccas& thie asian food place. :S
SO YES i am waiting for a call now :D too see if i get any part time job^^
yeah i need money. i'm going iceskating on saturday with BHS people yayayayayay <333 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">


Monday, November 9, 2009


sorry i didn't blog lately><
been super BUSY! :(
hmmm exams are okay lately i guess. abit streassfull, especially on a 34 degree's day like today. not fun. was in the hall for most of the exams. had to go to refill my drinkbottle twice today in the hall D:

okay the past few days i haven't done much.
just recently on saturday 7th October went to SHOOPO :) with cel and her bf hahaha he drove. it was fun and it was also 7/11 FREE SLURPEE DAY! ^__^ i lined up at the one outside shoppo. omgsh the line was long >.> but it was worth it :) i had 5 cups haha.
ate nando's for lunch on that day. was craving really bad.

sunday...not much really, expcet it was a really hot day couldn't study with the heat.
monday *Today* exam, and interview. the job interveiw was okay actually. the man didn't ask me alot of quesitons, he manly just talked about the rules of kmart etccc. rofl, yes i'm aplying for kmart.

oh yeh and yesterday stooph really pissed me off. i even delted her.

SO YES. not much happeeneed.
eeek it's so hot today. it's hot right now as i speak. T__________T i want icecream. bigbang's new album is out btw. :DDD