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Do you notice me? Although you talk to me, I doubt you think of me outside the boundaries of verbal interraction. I’m just another person who helps you move along your journey. I don’t know what you want me to say. I don’t know what you want me to do.... But I just want you to notice me. And care about me.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

beaching with the best friends.

mm yesterday was 36 degrees 23/12/09 so me and the crew, ben wee, nick, dom, mai, gina, sabrina, gina's bf danipuu, alicia, jenny, wesley, etc decided to go south melb beach :Di t was fun XD
not fun when i saw sam chan and he's crew and then decided to sit right next too us at the beach though LOL. very awkward indeed. he was with cgs people and jenn wu etc.
so yes it was a massive group of asians at SOUTH MELB :) i got a new bikini btw :D at ice :) i like it. i tanned heaps and this time i put on HEAPS OF SSUNSCREEN. omg, the feeling where u step on hot hood from the sun for ages and then dipping your feet in the water feels the best :D that's what happened after we went to the peir to jump LOL. i didn't jump though i'm too chicken T__T nick didn't either cos HE DIDN'T BRING ANY CLOTHES TO CHANGE IN. i had an extraa bikini but NOOOO ;)
hehe. but i didn't jump so i can't talk. only ben wee, alicia and dom jumped. freaking hell alicia's scream when she jumped LOL. scared me =/
haha i also saww peter and chung there too. and kim chan, and sunny ;) and a few BHSers. man so many people i knew was at that beach.

it was fun cos mai and them brought an ipod speaker and then we just tanned with music korean music too :) and i rested and slepted next too dom and alicia :)
HAHA I THOUGHT OF SOMETHING COOL YESTERDAY,... when dom and nick sat next to eachother... i was like DOM AND NICK.... DOMINIC...GET IT?!?! HAHAHAHAH. i'm cool you know it.

we stayed at the beach till like,,... 5.
well we went into sepreate groups afterwards, so it was just me alicia, ben wee, dom and peter i don't break dance hyunh :D

it was a fun day especially when i had my whole body in the water XD with alicia and ben :D
i got tannnnnnned. ooh yeh ;) but then sunburnt abit too. T_____T
yesterday after the beach was very stressfull. and tired. and sleepy. the beach requires lots of effort but it's fun. :D

AND YES.... luke if your reading this don't be mad,,... i ate KFC >< BUT IT WAS A SNACK BOX. so yeah :S

now i'm seriously broke. hopefully i have enough money on my card for boxing day sales :D
went abit yesterday too XD everything was on sale already ^^

AND AND ON NEW YRS EVE, CITY, I AM LOOKING OUT FOR MYCHONNY IN CITY, YES! he said he'll be in city on facebook XD



hope you both have an awesome day :D



family christmas lunch tomorrow.....><

kthnxbye xo


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